About my Work
Samples of recent articles, digital work, and talks.


Electric Press



Teaching Statement


Tasty Gougère
A "Taroko Gorge" Remix. With extra cheese.
Publshed in the ELC Vol. 3.

Kai-awase | A shell game
For BABEL Biennale@UC Santa Barbara, 2014.

2016, looking for a home.

Anna Coluthon
Electric Barthes' Flarf Scarf
Part of a book about Roland Barthes, with Craig Saper.

What I Do

My primary interests lie in electronic literature and digital authorship, and I have been publishing in these areas since 2001. This places me as a participant in the field that is broadly designated “digital humanities,” and in particular as a scholar who is working to define what it means to be an “author” in digital media.

I have a particular interest in the field of digital scholarship and the ways in which new media of publication might transform the humanities. In this role I have not only published digital works but also worked to build an infrastructure for other scholars, as technical editor for the journal Rhizomes, and creator and editor of the journal Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures.

I also work in multimodal composition and electronic literature. Right now I'm experimenting with hand-crafted media objects, including multimodal classroom projects & activities, 3d printing, and physical computing.