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professional experience

Associate Professor of English.
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2013-.

Assistant Professor of English.
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2007-2013.

Assistant Professor, Digital Technology & Culture.
Washington State University Vancouver, 2003-2006.

Assistant Coordinator, Center for Literary Computing.
Department of English, West Virginia University, 1999-2000; also 2002.

Graduate Teaching Assistant.
Department of English, West Virginia University, 1997-2000.

Editorial Assistant, The Series on Science and Culture.
University of Oklahoma Press, 1997-2000.

Tutor, English Language Institute.
Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), 1996-1997.


PhD in English, West Virginia University 2003.
Dissertation: "Highways of the Mind: the Haunting of the Superhighway from the World's Fair to the World Wide Web.” Multimedia format. Winner, NTLTD Innovative ETD Award, 2013.

MA(Dist.) in English Language & Literature, Victoria University Of Wellington, 1997.
Thesis: "'A Problem of Coding': Electronic Subjectivity in Cybernetic Societies."

BA(Hons)(I) in English Literature. Victoria University Of Wellington 1994.

research interests

Digital humanities, rhetorics of new media, digital composition, electronic literature, critical code studies, copyright & information ownership, science fiction studies.

technical proficiencies

Packages: Adobe Director, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, iBook Author.
Content management: Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Silverstripe.
Courseware: Moodle, Blackboard.
Currently learning: Arduino, Processing, 3D Printing.

publications - Book

Highways of the Mind.
Helen J Burgess and Jeanne Hamming. Enhanced iBook.
University of Pennsylvania Press (forthcoming February 2014).

publications - interactive DVD-rom

Biofutures: Owning Body Parts and Information.
Robert Mitchell, Helen J Burgess, Phillip Thurtle. DVD-ROM.
University of Pennsylvania Press (2008).

Red Planet: Scientific and Cultural Encounters with Mars.
Robert Markley, Harrison Higgs, Michelle Kendrick, Helen Burgess. DVD-ROM.
University of Pennsylvania Press (2001).

publications - refereed journal & book chapters

Thomas Swiss and Helen Burgess. “Collaborative New Media Poetry: Mixed and Remixed.”  In The Handbook of Participatory Cultures, eds. Aaron Delwiche and Jennifer Henderson.  Routledge, 2012. 73-81.

"New Media in the Academy: Labor and the Production of Knowledge in Scholarly Multimedia." With Jeanne Hamming. Digital Humanities Quarterly. Summer 2011: Vol. 5 No. 3.

"<?php>: 'Invisible' Code and the Mystique of Web Writing." In From A to <A>: Keywords in HTML and Writing, eds. Bradley Dilger and Jeff Rice. 2010: University of Minnesota Press. 167-185.

“Nature without Labor’: Virgin Queen and Virgin Land in Sir Walter Ralegh’s The Discoverie of the Large, Rich, and Bewtiful Empyre of Guiana.” Goddesses and Queens: The Iconography of Elizabeth I, eds. Lisa Hopkins and Annaliese Connoly. Manchester University Press, 2007.  101-114.

“‘Road of Giants’: Nostalgia and the Ruins of the Superhighway in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Three Californias”. Science Fiction Studies 33.2 (July 2006):  275-290.

“Futurama, Autogeddon: Imagining the Superhighway from Bel Geddes to Ballard.” Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge 8 (2004). 1 Nov 2004

“The Dialogics of New Media: Video, Visualization, and Narrative in Red Planet: Scientific and Cultural Encounters with Mars.” With Jeanne Hamming and Robert Markley. In Eloquent Images: Writing Visually in New Media, eds. Michelle Kendrick and Mary Hocks. MIT Press, 2003. 61-85.

“The Ghost in the Mechanism: Virtual Bodies, Mechanical Ghosts and Crash Test Dummies.” West Coast Line 36.1 (2002): 118-129.

“Mapping Bodies, Mapping Subjects: Missing the Mind’s Eye from the X-Ray to the Human Genome.” Post Identity 3.2 (2002): 87-104.

“Looking Back on Virtuality: the Strange Corporeographies of Cyberspace.”
Spectator: The University of Southern California Journal of Film and Television Criticism 21.1 (2001): 71-81.

publications - reviews & encyclopedia articles

“Electronic Literature Organization Collection Vol. 1. ” (review).  SFRA Review 283 (2008): 15-16.

Encyclopedia Articles: “Virtual Reality and Artificial Life”, “Information Theory”, “Satire and Humor in Literature and Science”, “Industry”, “George Orwell”, “Colonialism”, “Writing Across the Curriculum.” In The Encyclopedia of Literature and Science, ed. Pam Gossin. New York: Garland Press, 2003.

grants, fellowships, and awards

NTLTD Innovative ETD Award. 2013.
Awarded by the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations International Consortium, for production of the first truly digital dissertation in the United States.

CAHSS Research Fellowship. 2011.
Spring 2011 research leave awarded by the UMBC College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to support development of project Futurama, Autogeddon: Highways of the Mind from the World's Fair to the World Wide Web.

Kaufmann/Faculty Innovation Grant. 2008.
$2,000 awarded by the Alex Brown Center for Entrepreneurship for development of Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures infrastructure at UMBC.

Summer Faculty Fellowship. 2008.
$6000 awarded to conduct research for project digital/critical: New Media Scholarship in the Humanities.

Education Enhancement Grant Award. 2005.
$38,370 awarded by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center to authors to support development of interdisciplinary DVD-Rom entitled Reimagining Biocommerce: Owning Body Parts and Information.

Electronic Dissertation grant.
West Virginia University, Summer 2002. (to develop enhanced multimedia version of dissertation).

Award for Outstanding Research.
Department of English, West Virginia University, April 2002.

Stephen F. Crocker Dissertation Fellowship.
West Virginia University, 2001-2002.

Award for Exemplary Service.
Center for Literary Computing, West Virginia University, 2000.

Meritorious Graduate Student Tuition Waiver.
West Virginia University, 2000-2001.

Jackson Family Doctoral Fellowship.
West Virginia University, 1997-2000.

professional activities

Editor. Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures.
Bowling Green: Bowling Green State University. Electronic journal. ISSN 1555-9351.

Technical Editor & Editorial Board. Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge
Bowling Green: Bowling Green State University. Electronic journal. ISSN 1555-9998.

Series Editor. Mariner 10 Multimedia Series, University of Pennsylvania Press. 2001-2012.

Series Editorial Board. Computing Literature Series, WVU Press/Laboratoire Paragraph Universite Paris VIII – Vincennes Saint-Denis.

Review Panelist. NEH Digital Humanities Startup Grant Program, 2013.

Consulting Scholar, Humanities Washington/Smithsonian Institute.
Consultant for the Smithsonian Museum travelling exhibition, "Yesterday's Tomorrows," 2003-2005.


"Karuta | A shell game."
BABEL Working Group 3rd Biennial Meeting. UC-Santa Barbara, October 2014.

"Fourteen Recipes for a Sonnet."
Electronic Literature Organization, Milwaukee, WI, July 2014.

“The Problem with Print: publishing born digital scholarship.“ 
UMBC Friends of the Library & Gallery Event, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Nov. 2013.

“Another kind of 'e'- : Physical Computing and the Exploded Book.“ 
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, Cincinnati, OH, Nov. 2012.

“Innovation in the Library, UMBC: From Digital Depository to e-Publishers.“ 
Digital publishing workshop with Craig Saper and Michelle Flinchbaugh.  ACM/IEEE  Joint Conference on Digital Libraries.  Washington, D.C., June 2012.

“Teaching in the Digital Age Part II: Working and Learning with Media in New Ways.“ 
Faculty Development Center workshop, University of Maryland Baltimore County, March 2012.

“Promotion and tenure at different institutions.” (Panelist).
Preparing Future Faculty, West Virginia University, May 11, 2011.

“How to Read an Electric Poem.”
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, Atlanta, GA, Nov. 2009.

“Futurama Autogeddon.”
Session on Digital Media, MLA/ADE Summer Seminar East, Morgantown, WV, Jun. 2008.

Codework: Exploring Relations Between Creative Writing Practices and Software Engineering.  NSF Workshop.  Morgantown, WV, Apr. 2008.

“Steal This Multimedia: Information Ownership and the Anxiety of Genre.”
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, Portland, ME, Nov. 2007.

“Selling the Superhighways: A Future History.”
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, New York, NY, Nov. 2006.  With Jeanne Hamming, Centenary College of Louisiana.

“Show Me Your BIOS: Technology, Biology and Open Source Media.”
BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media Symposium.  Morgantown, WV, Sept. 2006.

“Whatever Happened to my MOO?”
Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).  Chicago, IL, Apr. 2006.

“Intimate Circuits.”
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, Chicago, IL, Nov. 2005.

“Eliza, Travesty and the Man in the Elevator.”
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, Chicago, IL, Nov. 2005.

“New Media in the Academy.”
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, Duke University, NC, Nov. 2004.

“Imagining the Future, from the World’s Fair to the Design for Dreaming.”
Fourth Biennial Preserving the Historic Road in America Conference, Portland, OR, Apr. 2004.

“Urban Spaces, Highway Spaces: Narrating the Superhighway.” 
Society for Literature and Science Conference, Austin, TX, Nov. 2003.

“Imagining the Future.”
Smithsonian/Museum on Main Street planning advisory meeting, Seattle, WA, Jun. 2003.

“Red Planet: DVD Authoring.”
West Virginia University Technology and Computing Fair, Morgantown, WV, 2002.

“Red Planet: Scientific and Cultural Encounters with Mars: Interactive DVD-Rom Technology.” 
With Robert Markley, Michelle Kendrick, Jeanne Hamming. Mars Society Fourth International Convention, Stanford, CA, Aug. 2001.

“Doing Multimedia on Mars.”
English Department Graduate Student Colloquium, Morgantown, WV, Mar. 2000.

“AppalachiaMOO Carnival.”
Organizer, designer and host of an online carnival to premiere West Virginia University’s graphical MOO. Mar. 2000, online.

“Multimedia on Mars: A DVD Project on Mars Exploration.”
West Virginia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, WV, Nov. 1999. With Jeanne Hamming.

“Mars: Interactive Technology and Interdisciplinary Education.”
West Virginia University Research Horizons Poster Session, Morgantown, WV, Sep. 1999.

“The Strange Corporeographies of Cyberspace.”
English Department Graduate Student Colloquium, Morgantown, WV, 1999.

“Legible Bodies: Reading Synners and Cyborgs.”
Society for Literature and Science Conference, Gainesville, FL, Nov. 1998.

“Queers in Space: Borg Fantasy and the Limitations of Slash.”
Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Conference, Morgantown, WV, 1998.

“Mars: A Scientific and Cultural History.”
The Mars Society Convention, Bolder, CO, Aug. 1998, and the Society for Literature and Science, Gainesville, FL, Nov. 1998. With Robert Markley, Michelle Kendrick and Catherine Gouge.

“Missing the Mind’s Eye: the Cultural Anxiety of the X-Ray.”
English Department Graduate Student Colloquium Morgantown, WV, 1998.  Panelist in keynote roundtable discussion.

courses taught

Texts and Contexts (English 300).
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2009-2013.
This class introduces students to theories and methods current in the study of writing and meaning-making  in several non-literary contexts: the workplace, the classroom, and domestic space.

Seminar: Visual Literacy (English 442).
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2008-2013.
Senior seminar on the relationship of visual design to narrative and meaning-making.  Combines interpretation of visual media, graphic novel analysis, and practical studio sessions.

Theories of Communication and Technology (English 324).
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2008-2013.
This class starts with the study of orality and early sign-making cultures, moves on to a history of print culture, and ends with investigation into forms of electronic communication.

New Media and Digital Literacies (English 385).
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2009-2012.
This class conbines new media theory and history with independent study projects where students undertake a multimedia authoring project and keep a detailed process journal.

Seminar: The Culture of the Copy (English 493).
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2007 and 2009.
Senior seminar on the history of copyright and its consequences for media communication and authoring.  Covers copyright of various media forms (print, music, film, software, digital media) and the Creative Commons and Open Source movements.

Multimedia Authoring (English 387).
University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2007-2010, 2013.
Analysis and creation of web texts using XHTML and CSS. Students discuss web genres, learn to write for the web, and work with a client.

Web Scripting (English 499).
Washington State University-Vancouver, 2005-2006.
This advanced class teaches principles of database-driven design, using the open-source scripting languages PHP and mySQL. Designed and delivered online using Moodle, open source courseware.

Computers In English (Engl 300).
Washington State University-Vancouver, 2006.
The theory and practice of writing and teaching in online and multimedia environments.  Delivered online using Blackboard courseware.

Digital Diversity (DTC/AmSt 475).
Washington State University-Vancouver, 2004.
Issues of race, class and gender representation and accessibility in digital environments.

Multimedia Authoring (English/DTC 355).
Washington State University-Vancouver, 2003-2006.
Web authoring and hand coding with XHTML and CSS. Students discuss the different ‘genres’ of web sites, learn to write for the web, and experiment with layout, color, and interactivity.

Usability and Interface Design (Engl/DTC 478).
Washington State University-Vancouver, 2003-2005.
User experience and human-computer interaction. Students analyze online and interactive media, and work with a client to produce a usability report on a professional site.

New Communications Technologies (COM 420).
Washington State University-Vancouver, 2003-2004.
The cultural impact of digital technologies on issues such as copyright, privacy and innovation.  Electronic environments and hypertext.

Science Fiction and Fantasy (English 175).
West Virginia University, 1998-1999.
Literary approaches to science fiction, starting with early works such as Frankenstein and ending with cyberpunk short stories.

Scientific and Technical Writing (English 208), Online.
West Virginia University, 1998.

First Year Composition (English 1).
West Virginia University, 1997-1998.

Writing English (Writ 101).
Victoria University of Wellington, 1996-1997.

academic service

University of Maryland Baltimore County
MA Curriculum Committee, Department of English. 2013-.
Search Committee, English/Communication & Technology. 2013-.
Steering Committee, Dept of Language, Literacy and Culture. 2012-.
Entrepreneurship Internal Advisory Board. University Committee. 2012-.
Digital Publishing Initiative, CAHSS/Libraries. 2011-.
Digital Humanities Research Group, CAHSS. 2011-.
Chair, Ad Hoc Web Committee. Department of English. 2010-2012.
Chair, Department PR Committee,  Department of English. 2009-2012.
Search Committee, Media & Communication Studies. 2008-9.
Honors Committee, Department of English. 2007-.
Student Assessment Committee,  Department of English. 2007-.
Teaching Assessment Committee,  Department of English. 2007-9.

Washington State University Vancouver
Coordinator, DTC Internship Program. 2003-2006.
e-Portfolio Committee. 2005-2006.
Search Committee, Digital Technology and Culture. 2005-2006.
Campus Arts Committee. 2003-2006.
Search Committee, Technical & Professional Writing. 2005.
American Studies Committee on Digital Diversity. 2003-2004.
Search Committee, World/Ethnic Literatures. 2003-04.
Faculty Advisor, Digital Technology and Culture Club. 2003-2006.
Faculty Advisor, Students for Choice Club. 2004-2005.

professional memberships

Modern Language Association.
National Council of Teachers in English.
Society for Literature, Science and the Arts.
Science Fiction Research Association.
Electronic Literature Organization.

The Mars Society.
The Planetary Society.